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Goal Driven PR. Building Your Brand
One Campaign at a Time.  

The World Moves Fast. So Do We.

Cookie-cutter PR strategies just don’t cut it anymore.


Our seasoned experts know how to navigate today’s rapidly evolving business and media scenes.  


We develop strategies tailored to your business goals and get your story in front of the right audience.

Working With the Best

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It all starts with your unique business goals. We reverse-engineer our campaigns according to what you actually need and cut out the noise. Whether getting the word out about a new product, launching a rebrand, bouncing back after negative publicity, or making the biggest splash out of a funding announcement, we build our strategy to achieve your goals.


Then we identify just the right messages and tactics to take your brand where it needs to go. Press releases, social media campaigns, media outreach, media training, events – you name it, we’ve done it.


Finally, to make your PR campaign successful, we make sure it reaches the right audience – whether they’re investors, potential customers, or the general public.

What is a PR Campaign?

PR campaigns are headline-making initiatives that provide the exposure your brand needs to hit all your targets. A successful campaign does more than raise awareness (yawn), it shapes markets and agendas, boosts bottom lines and forms the brand identity that is essential to success.

Messaging Campaign

Build your company’s brand by telling your story in ways that are compelling and newsworthy.

Media Awareness Campaign

Riding media trends, securing media briefings and educating the market is what makes us tick. Our media awareness campaign will make sure your company’s story is heard by precisely the right audiences.

Announcement Campaign

Got an announcement the world needs to hear? We’ll make sure they do.

Data Campaign

Journalists love data… and you’ve got it! Our data campaign will spotlight your company as an industry pioneer, providing vital insights that move the needle on big conversations.

Thought Leadership Campaign

Every brand needs a recognizable face and voice. Our thought-leadership campaign elevates your execs into industry names.

Awards Campaign


Industry awards are a key stamp of approval. We’ll prepare award submissions strategically to maximize your chances.

*Need a tailored PR service? We’ll build a media campaign that meets your specific needs

Get to Know Us

A global, remote, and flexible team of PR veterans, Campaign PR is an agency built for the way we live and work now. Sure, we love Mad Men as much as anyone, but we know that Don Draper’s days are long gone. Results, not retainers, are what get us out of bed in the morning.

Led by London-based PR professional, Joseph Moses, our team offers deep experience in tech, media, and the intersection of the two. We know: Brands aren’t built overnight, they’re built one campaign at a time.


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